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Court Supportive Services (CSS) is a state licensed facility specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol disorders as well as domestic violence issues.  CSS strongly believes every client has the right to affordable, professional services conducted with due regard for client privacy. 

With this in mind, CSS works closely with various courts of jurisdiction to ensure appropriate communication regarding client progress is made.  CSS has established a reputation as being a positive advocate for clients as well as a source of knowledge for attorneys and judges.  CSS employs passionate professionals who have continually shown excellence within specific topics of expertise.

Through experienced counselors and instructors, programs are aimed at helping clients make positive life choices by completing court-ordered treatment in a timely manner. CSS looks forward to creating an environment where our clients can succeed in life through making appropriate changes based on skills learned at CSS.

The dates and times for all upcoming courses can be found under the Schedules tab.

Call our toll free number (855-277-8824) or come to any of our offices to register for courses or schedule an assessment.